This Chaitra Navratri let's invoke The Devi to tune into Her || श्री || mala that shines light on Her Attributes.

09th April – 17th April
06.30am- 07.30am (Daily)

Significance of Navratri

Navratri means 9 nights and we all are aware of the 4 types of Navratris that are celebrated every year. They are Chaitra Navratri, Ashadha Navratri, Sharadiya Navratri, and Paush/Magha Navratri.

Sharadiya Navratri and Chaitra Navratri are Prakat Navratris and Chaitra Navratri and Ashadha Navratri are Gupt Navratris.

From eons we have heard about ‘Sri Yantra’ , ‘Sri Chakra’ , ‘Sri Vidya’ and all these need initiations, studies, mantra chanting and also rituals so that the deities connected with all these can be invoked and the Grace of the deities be bestowed upon the devotee.

We have brought to you a never before heard terminology, ||श्री|| mala,
(‘ShriMala’), that was directly downloaded by Jaishri in July 2022 during one of her Reiki Channellings and The Devi directly connected and graced Jaishri with this entire download which is called the ‘ShriMala’.
The ShriMala consists of Shri which comprises of The Divine Auspicious Shakti Herself and which manifests into 18 Devis that represent different attributes of this Divine Auspicious Shakti.
The Devi is a Circle whose Centre is everywhere and whose Circumference is Unknown.
Throughout the entire auspicious time during these 9 days and nights of Navratri it would be wonderful to be in the energy field of the ||श्री|| mala and tune into 2 attributes each day completing all the 18 attributes during the Navratri time.

Are you ready to tune into the energy field of the Devi?
Are you interested to embody the || श्री || mala within your being?
Are you ready for the major shifts that the eclipse season brings in during the age of Aquarius?

If your answer is Yes, don’t look any further. Simply register and get ready for a Chaitra Navratri like never before.
Maa is all ready to bestow Her Choicest Blessings on all who are ready.

09th April – 17th April
06.30am- 07.30am (Daily)

About Facilitator

Jaishri Iyer

Jaishri Iyer is a very strong, courageous, & dynamic woman like a Life Nurturer & it can be totally felt when one is in her presence. After working in the media industry for 22 years, now she is moved completely into serving the society and helping people nurture their life to the fullest through Reiki, Tarot, Runes, Candle Magick, Past Life Regression, Inner Child Healing, Bach Flower Therapy, Dreams Interpretation, Abundance Mastery, Self Mastery, Astrology, Vastu and Meditation.

She is the Founder of *‘reinvent’ ~ change your patterns*.

She was initiated into Reiki in 2006 and has been initiating people in The Usui Tradition of Reiki since 2009.

She is a true epitome of manifesting all she has ever desired in life & with this Energy she teaches as well as helps people manifest their dreams into reality. To Learn & manifest all your desires tune into her field which she calls the ‘Game of God’ and play along.

She Practices and teaches all the modalities mentioned above.

09th April – 17th April
06.30am- 07.30am (Daily)