Many of us have come to believe that our period is a weakness, a limitation in our life that must be overcome but what if we challenged this belief system and allowed our period cycle to show us our true power!

Saturday 30th September 2023
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Address: Zorba The Buddha, New Delhi

Are you willing to own your true power?

Are you ready to reclaim your period power?

Are you ready to allow your body, your blood, your period to initiate you into your true power?

Our menstruation holds deep insights for us, giving meaning to our experiences and providing a container for us to access deeper layers within ourselves. Becoming aware of our cycle and tracking(or charting) it consistently, altars and transforms our approach to living, loving and working.

This workshop is based on the philosophy of Menstrual Cycle Awareness. It is meant to help you understand the power of your menstrual cycle. You would gain a deeper understanding of the different phases of the menstrual cycle that we go through every month and how to live, be, work and love in each of these phases.

Saturday 30th September 2023
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Address: Zorba The Buddha, New Delhi

What Would You Receive In This Workshop?

➡️ Understand the phases of the menstrual cycle

➡️ Understanding the play of hormones in your body throughout our cycle

➡️ Learn how to chart your menstrual cycle consistently

➡️ Gain knowledge of the superpowers that menstruation offers

➡️ Align with the feminine principle of living

➡️ A visualization journey

➡️ Embodiment practices that you can use in daily life

➡️ Charting sheets and handouts

➡️ Courage and support to come out of shame, taboos and superstition around periods

You will receive a pdf with the content, journal prompts and more. And customised cycle charting worksheets and a menstrual map for your menstrual cycle.

Let's Period!

By enrolling for this workshop, you become a part of this community called ‘Let’s Period’ and you get FREE access to the monthly meetings in the month of Oct and Nov 2023. In these meetings we shall continue to discuss your cycle charts and the experience of your cycle and I will answer any questions you might have around this work. The meeting dates are  18th October, Wednesday – 7pm to 8pm and 19th November, Sunday – 12pm to 1pm.

Saturday 30th September 2023
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Address: Zorba The Buddha, New Delhi

Who is this workshop for?

For those who are in their menstruating years with a regular or irregular cycle, with or without menstrual issues and with or without shame about periods(between the ages of 18 and early 40s)

About Facilitator

Sakshi Kalra

I have been learning and offering support through various spiritual practices, therapy and healing modalities for the last 10 years now. I work with people to support them through times of stress, anxiety, recurring life patterns, relationship issues, money blocks, health issues, behavioural problems, menstrual problems, sexuality etc. I work with therapies like Inner Child Integration, Past Life Regression, Systemic & Family Constellation Healing and Rebirthing Breathwork in addition to using tools like Tarot Cards, Tea-Leaf Reading, Bach Flower Remedy, EFT, Reiki and others.

I love the moon & the menstrual cycle and my desire is to bring menstrual cycle awareness to the world. I am trained in Menstrual Cycle Awareness by Claire Baker at her Cycle Coach School in the UK.

The workshop shifted my perception towards menstruation in a very positive and influential way. Everything taught in the workshop was admirable . It was powerful .

Maitali Abrrol

Reclaiming your periods was an insightful session with Sakshi. It was my first outing with her. And I was happy. Sakhi is quite clear about what she was speaking about. However, this is deep rooted spirituality as I understand. You need to have a certain belief system to assimilate and absorb it well.

Maitabi Banerjee

Thanks Sakshi for explaining the spiritual aspect of menstruation. I have been a student of biology and I never got a chance to explore periods spiritually. Thanks once again for making me honor my womb.

Roopal Kulshreshtha

The session was informative and helped in adding embodiment practices to the routine. These practices and period charting has helped me connect with my body in ways I couldn't imagine. This workshop is a must attend for everyone who menstruates.

Bhavya Kapur

Saturday 30th September 2023
10:00 AM - 6:00 PM

Address: Zorba The Buddha, New Delhi


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