A Workshop based on the Art & Science of Gongs

  • DATE : 17th May to 19th May

  • VENUE : Zorba The Buddha, Ghitorni, New Delhi

    Time: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM

  • To Register Call/WhatsApp : +91-7669843999 | 7669828188

  • Energy Exchange – INR- 45000/-

    45000+ GST (18%) = INR-53100/-

  • Certification by – Soul Setu Wellness Foundation

17th May to 19th May
Time: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
To Register Call/WhatsApp : +91-7669843999 | 7669828188
VENUE : Zorba The Buddha, Ghitorni, New Delhi

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About Facilitator

Deepti Lalwani

Deepti Lalwani is the co-founder of Soul Setu Wellness Foundation which is a platform for psychological & mental wellbeing. She has been on the path of self-help since the age of 19 where she was introduced to the first energy healing modality called Reiki.

She is an entrepreneur by profession and holds a Master’s degree in management. She is blessed to have had an opportunity to train under the esteem guidance of many living masters like Dr. Newton Kondaveti, Dr. Laxmi Kondaveti, Maestro Satya Brat, Don- Conreaux & Leonard Orr  in many complimentary therapies like Rebirthing breathwork, Past life regression, Inner child work, Sound healing with singing bowls & Gongs, & Access consciousness. After regress work on herself she decided to share these therapies with people around her and now along with her business she conducts several wellness events using the different tools. She is a certified trainer through International Academy of Sound Healing for Singing bowls & Don-Conreaux for Gongs. She has helped 1000’s of people reclaim their true self through her sessions & counselling and has trained over 120 therapists in last 9 years in the field of Sound healing with singing bowls, all of  who are now successfully practicing this tool professionally.

Amandeep Choudhary

Amandeep started his journey towards self during the early years of high school when he was juggling with many unanswered questions about life. On his path to self-discovery Osho choose him as his student & groomed him to rediscover his true essence.

He holds a Master’s degree in agriculture and is working with the government of India as an Agriculturist. Sound & experimenting with sound is his passion which led him to play the flute amazingly without any professionally training, then his quest lead him to Maestro Satya Brat under whose guidance he trained himself into Sound Therapy with singing bowls. Further on this journey he met Don-Conreaux the great Master of Gonging under his guidance he trained to be a Gong Trainer. Now along with his job with government of India he shares his knowledge and experience of Sound healing with many around him. He is a trainer through International Academy of Sound Healing for singing bowls & by Don-Conreaux for Gongs. He has been helping many people gain clarity in their life about themselves through his counselling sessions as well as trained over 120 therapist in sound therapy who are now professionally practicing this tool.

17th May to 19th May
Time: 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM
To Register Call/WhatsApp : +91-7669843999 | 7669828188
VENUE : Zorba The Buddha, Ghitorni, New Delhi

Unleash Your Inner Harmony: Experience the Magic of Gongs at “Maitreya” Workshop in Delhi
Prepare to be mesmerized by the celestial symphony of gongs at our exclusive three-day workshop, “Maitreya,” presented by the Soulsetu Wellness Foundation. Embark on a journey of self-discovery and transformation amidst the tranquil oasis of Zorba the Buddha in Delhi

What to Expect –

Sensory Delight:
Let the ethereal vibrations of gongs wash over you, transporting you to a realm of profound peace and serenity.

Empowering Workshops:
Learn from leading experts as they unveil the secrets of gong mastery, sound healing techniques, and the profound science behind their therapeutic benefits.

Hands-On Immersion:
Immerse yourself in hands-on sessions where you’ll not only learn to play the gongs but also harness their transformative power for personal growth and healing.

Soulful Connections:
Connect with a community of kindred spirits, united by a shared passion for holistic wellness and the healing power of sound.

Certification Excellence:
Elevate your journey with a certification from the esteemed Soulsetu Wellness Foundation, validating your commitment to self-discovery and well-being.

*Unleash your inner harmony, tap into the ancient wisdom of gongs, and let your spirit soar at “Maitreya” in Delhi. Reserve your seat now and embark on a soul-stirring adventure unlike any other!*

Eligibility –

For New Members Who Want To Be A Part Of The Group

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