Let's Share with Soul Setu
New Moon Sharing Circle

What is Let's Share ?

Let’s Share is an online space where we meet and share our thoughts and feelings on the topic of the month.  
We meet every month using the Zoom platform on a New Moon evening and participate in sharing and listening with a non Judgmental heart and mind.

Sharing what’s going on within us leads to lot of clarity of thought, feelings & emotions. And when we listen from a space of non- judgement it Heals not only us but the other too.

It’s Free for all age group above 12 years. The only investment is your willingness to share.

Monday, 17 July 2023
9 pm - 10pm

⏱ Duration – 1 hour 📆 Day / Date – 17 July 2023, 9-10pm

About Facilitator

Amandeep Choudhary

Amandeep is a young, dynamic, Joyous person who loves to share his joy with one & all.
He believes Sharing is a very beautiful tool through which we can heal everything; all we need is to be open to Talk.
He is a certified sound Therapist & Trainer trained under the Esteem Guidance of Master Don Conreaux & Satya Brat.
Sound is his Passion & along with his Job in Agriculture Field he shares the Vibration of Love & Joy through Counselling & Sound Healing.

0 17th July 2023
0 9pm to 10pm

Monday, 17 July 2023
9 pm - 10pm



For New Members Who Want To Be A Part Of The Group

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