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Exploratory Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression

session with Ujjwal Batra, Psycho-spiritual Therapist and Mind Body Coach

Exploratory Past Life Regression and Future Life Progression

Past Life Regression is a very ancient therapy that finds its reference as ‘Prati Prasav’ in our Vedic Scripture & ‘Jati Smaran’ in Our Jain Scriptures. This therapy has been evolving continuously & through the ongoing research in this field, it has been discovered that there is a link between past trauma & present symptoms.


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04 Dec 2022


10 AM - 1 PM



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Ujjwal Batra​

Ujjwal has been on the path of spiritual living for the past 13 years. He has established Urjaa Academy for well-being to make spirituality simple and accessible to everyone through tools and techniques that facilitate self-empowerment and allow seekers to achieve their highest potential.

Ujjwal believes that spirituality is effective only when it can rise beyond an esoteric philosophy and become amenable to being integrated into day-to-day living.


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Hi Ujjwal… PLR and FLP session was amazing. I really can’t put it in words. Just grateful to you that you facilitated the session. Many of us carry so many ideas surrounding PLR but the way u explained n conducted the process really helped me put myself at ease n open myself to experience the profound healing.

I always grew up with a feeling that there is no love in my life… I don’t deserve love. I don’t know when n why I started feeling that n kept manifesting situations in my life where I felt I’m not loved n I don’t deserve love.

When you took us to root of our problem… I went back to 1300s where I was a man n at a very powerful position in some kingdom. I saw a lady on her knees pleading me to honour n respect her love which I never did. While dying I was all alone n pleaded someone to take care of me n b with me. N created a belief that It’s my karma n I don’t deserve anybody’s love… I don’t have anybody around me who loves me.


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