Dhyan Setu

Guided Meditation to connect with your Chakras through Mandala

Thursday 23th May 2024
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

About Facilitator

Shuchi Goyal

I’m a Meditation practitioner, therapist, artist, and former engineer. After working for a few years in the corporate sector, I decided to pursue my passion for the field of Soul Science and Healing. I am trained in healing modalities such as Rebirthing Breathwork, Inner Child Work, and Sound Therapy. Through one-on-one sessions and workshops, I help individuals tap into their inner selves, cultivate mindfulness, and unravel deeper aspects of themselves. As an artist, I believe in the immense healing power of art and its ability to inspire and connect.

About Event

Mandalas serve as a powerful tool for connecting with our inner selves. Derived from the ancient Sanskrit term for “circle,” mandalas hold diverse significance across various cultures and practices. They are circular, geometric patterns that emanate from a central point. For some, they may represent whole Universe or it’s different aspects. And for others, a Mandala may represent a part of the self, a reflection of the inner state at any particular moment.

Our outer reality is a reflection of our inner state. As we see mandalas and sacred symbols out in the universe, same exists within our being. Our energy body (Pranamayakosha) is made up of several chakras which are circular in nature and also have certain geometry. There are 7 major chakras which play a vital role in our psychological and physiological well being. In this guided meditation, we will connect with our chakras through mandalas. As we dive deep, we deepen our connection with our energy body and restore harmony and balance.

Thursday 23th May 2024
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Who can join this meditation?

• People looking for a relaxed mind.
• People who are feeling stressed.
• People who are unable to solve their anxiety issues.
• People who love to meditate.
• People who are courageous to look deep into their own darker shadow self and embrace it.


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