Dhyan Setu

Trust and Faith in the Creator

Tuesday 23th April 2024
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

About Facilitator

Sunainaa Agrawwal

I’m Sunainaa,an intuitive and transformational soul healer & coach.
I empower my clients to awaken their dormant powers and embrace their brilliance through love, healing, intuitive wisdom, guidance, insight and compassion. I hold sacred space using Energy Healing Techniques and Divination Tools to help them reclaim their power.

I am a Theta Healing ® Instructor from Think, USA, Reiki Master, Tarot Card Reader, NLP Practitioner and teacher and practitioner of several other healing modalities.

About Event

Join us for a healing and meditation session with Sunainaa Agrawwal, Theta Healing ® expert on strengthening your trust and Faith in the Creator. Every problem being faced by us is because of lack of faith in God and the belief that we are separate from the Creator. In truth, we are made up of God’s energy, there is no separation. Join us for a healing meditation session to feel your oneness with the Creator

Tuesday 23th April 2024
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Who can join this meditation?

• People looking for a relaxed mind.
• People who are feeling stressed.
• People who are unable to solve their anxiety issues.
• People who love to meditate.
• People who are courageous to look deep into their own darker shadow self and embrace it.


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