Dhyan Setu

Letting go of the Old and Welcoming the New

Tuesday 26th March 2024
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

About Facilitator

Zenobia Nankani

Anthroposophic Psychotherapist & Somatic Intelligence Practitioner

Zenobia Nankani is a practicing Art Therapist, Counsellor, Anthroposophic Psychotherapist and Somatic Intelligence Practitioner. Her study and work is rooted in Anthroposophy, the Wisdom of Man, along with Psychotherapy techniques and interventions. With Somatic Intelligence, she brings a comprehensive integration in the body-mind paradigm. A Spiritualist and Practitioner of the Shamanic Ways, her work blends the wide frame of the human psyche with spirituality, helping children and adults to rewire and connect with their core self. She is also an Empowered Woman Facilitator, Facilitator for Inner Child Healing.

She works with children as well as adults from different walks of life. Her workshops and personal therapy sessions have helped many including parents, caregivers, educational institutions and other groups of individuals.

Over the last 2 decades she has worked with children and teenagers through schools and colleges and has also worked extensively as a Trainer with reputed Corporate houses, having trained a number of people from different echelons, positions and varied walks of life

About Event

This Dark Moon marks the beginning of Spring, marking the end of our inner state of winter hibernation awakening within us new beginnings. As we reflect on the change of season we also pause and check into our own body on what this means for us as we take in the cosmic rays of the moon. As we herald this event of self exploration and inner transformation, we are getting in touch with our innate desires, fears and aspirations through the medium of our body.

Tuesday 26th March 2024
7:00 PM - 8:00 PM

Who can join this meditation?

• People looking for a relaxed mind.
• People who are feeling stressed.
• People who are unable to solve their anxiety issues.
• People who love to meditate.
• People who are courageous to look deep into their own darker shadow self and embrace it.


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